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Neu im Programm: Shiny Darkly

Shiny Darkly - Dead Stars (EP)

Shiny Darkly paves the way for their debut album ”Little Earth”!
The long awaited debut album from Danish band Shiny Darkly has left expectations at a high. The jagged modern-gothic sound and style of
songwriting of this fresh-faced Copenhagen four-piece has led to comparisons to rock ‘n’ roll luminaries past and present, from The Jesus
and Mary Chain and Joy Division to The Horrors and Savages, earning them praise with both UK and US music media.
“Little Earth” will be released by the end of January next year, so please be patient, but still, there’s no need to despair, ‘cause we have the true pleasure of bringing you their brand new single, “Dead Stars”, the A-side of an intriguing EP, released on 45 rpm 12” vinyl November 11th 2013 (in Germany November 8th 2013).
”Dead Stars” was recorded first take one late night at Gula Studion in Malmö. A powerful, narcotic piece that spreads over 9:40 minutes, developing into a highly electric, droningly desperate ending, draging the listener into the hypnotic world of Shiny Darkly. It’s easy to imagine this track being a live recording from an equally late (and narcotic) concert during i.e. the Roskilde Festival. Raw and untamed rebellious energy, taking no prisoners.
The B-side of the Dead Stars EP leaves room for two more songs, both set in up tempo. “Bury Us” and “It Must Be Ahead” have been on the set list for quite some time. The band explains it themselves: “We weren’t quite satisfied with the way ‘Bury Us’ turned out on our first EP, Shiny Darkly. It has developed tremendously during our shows, so we decided to give it a second chance – to make it ‘right’ this time. ‘Dead Stars’ also started out being merely three or four minutes long, but it has become a corner stone in our live shows as it has evolved into a monster, stretching for like seven or ten minutes, depending on time and place. That particular
Thursday night, August 8th in Gula Studion, 9:40 was just the right, magical length. One take, and that was it. No reason to try to do it over again. It was one of those rare moments in the recording studio …”
Causing quite a stir with their Shiny Darkly EP and numerous live shows at e.g. SXSW, CMW, Iceland Airwaves, Reeperbahn and Roskilde Festival, the band is ready and set for the release of their debut album, “Little Earth”. Already, the three young gents are out to conquer the world, playing the festivals Lost In Music (Finland), Airwaves (Iceland) and Eurosonic (Netherlands) prior to the release.

EP-Release: 08. November 2013 und mehr Informationen zu den Künstlern findet ihr unter folgenden Web-Adressen.
Video: Dead Stars

Alle 3 Songs der EP"Shiny Darkly - Dead Stars" laufen ab sofort auch in unserem Programm.

PM: Clausen & Claussen/ die Redaktion
Bildquelle: Clausen & Claussen

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