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Neu im Programm: Duktus

Duktus - Funky Reflections

While his name Duktus has its origin in the visual arts, his passion for music emerged early on. Active as a DJ since the late 1990s and as a producer since 2002, his musical roots lie in old-school hip hop, while he maintains an appreciation for soul-driven sounds and goes about everything else with an openness and willingness to experiment. After initially working together with Mishoo the Drumkit, Shuanise, and Swede Art in 2005, since 2010 Duktus has been regularly producing beat tapes, EPs, and individual songs with German and international labels, including Brownswood in the U.K., Stillmuzik and Cascade Records in France, and Tokyo Dawn, Resistant Mindz, and O’RS Records in Germany.
Duktus now lives in Leipzig and is part of the local beatmaker scene there, such as part of Cosmic Boogie, a dj collective which runs events in Leipzig. While spinning records on these nights, he is focused on playing Boogie Funk vinyls, which lead him also to produce similar sounds by his own.
„Funky Reflections“ is his second release on ThinkLoud. The Mini-LP reflects Duktus' daily vibe in his own way. It tries to move you to dance, to have respect for one another, to embrace life, and if you follow the records‘ musical instructions, the funk will be with you!

Album-Release (Funky Reflections): 06. April 2019 und mehr Informationen zum Künstler findet ihr unter folgenden Web-Adressen.
Video: Funky Reflections

"Duktus - Funky Reflections"läuft ab sofort auch in unserem Programm.

PM: ThinkLoud/ die Redaktion
Bildquelle: ThinkLoud

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