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G-INA - Who Me A Beg

Who me a beg is the latest move of G-INA (Gabriella In-Albon), bassist, vocalist and music composer.
Her lyrics are honest, personal and taken from life. In Who Me a Beg she would like to broach the issue of the countless assasinations in Jamaica.
Who Me A Beg is the first single of Gabriellas solo project in collaboration with Umberto Echo, a German Record Producer. His credits include Gentleman, Steelpulse feat Damian Marley and Sly and Robbie.
Gabriella studied performing arts, focused on dance in London and New York. On a visit to Jamaica she fell in love with the island, the people and the Jamaican Music.
After an accident she started composing and recording songs autonomous and independently from commercial labels. She then founded the band G-INA and started performing live.

Single-Release: 26. Mai 2020 und mehr Informationen zur Künstlerin findet ihr unter folgenden Web-Adressen.
Video: Who Me A Beg

"G-INA - Who Me A Beg" läuft ab sofort auch in unserem Programm.

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